Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Winter Snow" Candlelight Service

Jerod and Brooke Candlelight service

Although Jerod was unhappy with his performance, I felt it was beautiful and worth sharing.  It was a precious time to worship as a couple.  Such a blessing to sing at my home church with my husband.  Sorry about the quality.  The video was taken with my mom's camera. 

Christmas 2012

Christmas lasted for 2 1/2 weeks for the three Bairds.  We celebrated Christmas in Arkansas for several days and then came back to Quincy and had Baird Christmas, Isla's birthday, and rang in New Year.  We had a blast with everyone this year.  Something just seemed so different.  Perhaps it was the way we approached it this year.  Jerod and I have desperately been seeking the Lord in our life, and all we wanted for Christmas was for the fruits to be present in our time with family.  We wanted love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and faith fill our Christmas season.  We wanted Him to be the focus.  It wasn't the presents (although we both got more than we needed), it wasn't the food (even though it was amazing), it was simply enjoying every moment we had with each person we were around.  We just had fun!  My mom found this brilliant idea of putting a frame outside.  We did live pictures!  It was so fun, and the girls loved it. 

We had way too much food, partly because I have a tendency to over do it when it comes to baking at Christmas.  Oh well!  It's Christmas time right?!  Some people broke the rules and bought presents for us ...... Gosh Mom and Dad (Thank you!!) 

We also had a Duck Dynasty marathon.  Ashley thought ahead and bought us all Si Tea cups.  We were so excited.  It was a true redneck Christmas.  Jerod wore his mullet and dad wore his wig.  They were in rare form.  The girls also had there camo on! 

Jerod and I sang at our candlelight Christmas Eve service.  We were so honored to be asked, and thoroughly enjoyed being apart of that night of worship.  Although Ash, Greg and girls weren't there, my 88 year old granny ventured out in the cold to be there. 

Christmas Day was beautiful.  We had presents, a lovely lunch, and a special visit from my best friend.  In the South, we always dream of a white Christmas, and this time it happened.  In Illinois life would have continued on as usual, but in Arkansas the world stops.  We are just not equipped for that.  It was gorgeous, until I slipped on the ice.  It is Christmas tradition to go to the movie, but we weren't going to venture out in the snow.  So... we went the next day.  We went to see Les Mis, and it was phenomenal.  it is a true depiction of mercy, grace and redemption.  I had never seen it, but on the way down to Arkansas Jerod played the old Cd's for me so that I could understand what was going on.  It really did help explain some things, but it was more fun for me to see Jerod singing to some of the songs.  He definitely put on a performance for me.  I think he could star in the show if we had it here.  It was hard to leave, but we were excited to come back for Baird Christmas.  That will be the next post.....

Lexi and Beaux had a great time this Christmas.... Ain't that right Momma??? hahahah

Saturday, December 15, 2012

IMB/SKL Hunt December 2012

2nd gun was a whirlwind!  It was warm for December and the moon couldn't have been any brighter.  Dad came up for his first guided hunt and brought some fellow Fort Smithians.  We had a blast with them here.  It was really quite the crew of hunters.  I felt like the entire SEC was represented.  Truly, it was great to be around all the southerners again.  I just felt so at home.  Having my daddy here helped too! 
The last day of dad's hunt was a Sunday.  So I had church in the woods with my dad that morning.  I didn't really even hunt  when I was younger, but was always around it and loved it.  Before the sun rose dad grabbed my hand.  There we were in our camo, and orange.  Dad had his gun in one hand and his baby girl's hand in the other.  We weren't in a church that morning, but we were in the presence of our Creator and King.  It is a morning I will cherish.  The quiet woods, the whispers of wisdom from my daddy, and the patient waiting for a deer.  I am thankful for that time.  We shared lots of laughter as I quietly tip-toed back from a squat in the woods and spotted three deer jumping the fence.  I quickly morphed into crouching tiger, hidden dragon.  I have never been so still or quiet.  Good times!  No kill that morning, but a nice looking doe that night. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lodge Life

Fall at the lodge is busy!  We are fortunate enough to work with other Christians in such a beautiful setting.  My favorite part is working with my husband, and being able to take Lexi with us.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the hunters thus far, but still have about a month left.  Needless to say we are all tired and busy!  These are some pictures of our "Lodge Life".  Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

High voter turnout reported in the Tri-States - Quincy News, Weather, Sports, and Radio

An important day in our country.  We went to the polls before work this morning to cast our vote.  We thought it would be quick and painless.  Turns out they didn't have Jerod in the computer system so he had to fill out new paperwork and do a different ballot.  In the meantime, I voted and wound up on TV.  They edited a lot of what I said, but I still made it on the air.  I know that people in our area are not interested in who I voted for, but I made it very clear in my statement to the cameraman. He asked me several questions, and I got a little nervous.  I did say that I believe it was time to move "forward" with "change" in a new direction with Mitt Romney!   Hahah, I had to laugh at myself for using Prez "O's" campaign slogans in my reply.  Needless to say they didn't put that in the video.

High voter turnout reported in the Tri-States - Quincy News, Weather, Sports, and Radio

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ode to the Chair

People may look at this picture and see an ugly, worn-out, overstuffed blue marshmallow recliner with an old picture in the seat.  But, I look at this chair and see my grandpa.   My grandpa passed away December 6, 2008.  He was a kind hearted man that I adored. He was the only grandpa I ever knew.  He was a likeable man that served his country with great honor.  He loved his family and was a great provider.  When he passed my granny gave us his chair. It is very comfortable, but definitely worn.  When I look at this picture, I can still see him leaning to the right side, with his left leg propped up, and holding the remote.  When I sit in the chair it actually leans to that side. Jerod and I rarely use this chair.  It sits down in the unfinished basement all alone.
  Recently our church had an event providing the opportunity to get rid of things we don't need that others could use.  I debated long and hard about giving someone else this chair.  I selfishly wanted to keep it.  I quickly realized my selfishness and recognized someone else could benefit from this blue marshmallow.  I had to remember that the chair is a material possession and that my grandpa is not in his chair.  He is living it up in Heaven with Jesus in a brand new recliner.
  I admit that I cried the day Jerod hauled it off.  I sat in it, recalled some precious memories and took a picture.  To you it may be just a chair, to me it is a memory, but to someone in our community it may be a bed or the only furniture they have.  I pray it is blessing to someone less fortunate.  I pray they find comfort in this blue chair and find hope in Jesus.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Arkansas September 2012

Here are pics of my September 2012 trip to Arkansas.  Our friend and employer granted us a little time off before the busy season hits.  Jerod knew I was way overdo for a trip home so he allowed me and Lexi to go while he stayed home and worked on our basement.  It is always good to be home and see my family and precious friend.  There is truly no place like home.  I love being in Arkansas, but definitely missed my baby.  He worked so hard on the basement, and once it is completed I will post pictures. 

And just to clarify that is my mom with a turkey hat on.  Hah!